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f. Recommended reading

We conducted a review of internet internal strength resources here http://www.aikidorepublic.com/internal-strength/01reviewofmethods  . please have a look.
Web blogs
we highly recommend the followed for continual reading on the topic
Aikido Sangenkai - Chris Li is an active internal Strength researcher and has translated many of the classic texts on the subject
Aikiweb internal Strength forum - AIki web forum is the forum for aikido and has recently added an IS forum. It can become a little testy at times and several seniors teachers of IS methods no longer participate for a variety of resins. There are though some very reasonable, informed and collegiate people active on the forum who also sure IS seminar experiences
Aikido Sydney Facebook group  - Lots of good stuff from Steve Seymour Sensei's dojo
Mike Sigmans Internal strength blog - Some well though out and articulate information from this method

Hidden in Plain Sight by Ellis Amdur - An essential read, though an at times dry and tough read, but plenty of clues along the way
Transparent power by a Kimura, a prominent student of Yukiyashi Sagawa
Shugyo by Gozo Shioda founder of Yoshinkan