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b. Our lineage

Our foundations start with Aikido Yusihinkai’s background in the Ki Society founded by Koichi Tohei Sensei (a direct student of and the first 10th Dan awarded by Morehei Ueshiba Sensei) with the Ki development and testing exercises. More recently we have been introduced to exercises by Maruyama Sensei (Founder Aikido Yuishinkai and also a 6th dan student of the founder of aikido) and his announced successor Taiki Okajima Sensei, who we understand was associated (some say a likely successor of) with the Daito-ryu Roppokai founded by Seigo Okomato Sensei, himself a student of Kodo Horikawa Sensei, a prominent student of Sokaku Takeda (founder of the Daito-ryu). While none of these lineages mention Internal Strength (since they pre-date the name) they are none the less acknowledged sources, see recommended reading.

There are a wide variety of practitioners studying Internal Strength and whilst there are similarities the path and nomenclature to get there is somewhat varied. Our first hands on contact came with students of Mike Sigman (who had a background in the Ki Society among other things) and  Dan Harden (who reportedly has a Daito-ryu background among other things). For us the most direct transmission came from Dan Harden's students and was the most compatible with our own aikido background, owing to the work  also of Bill Gleason (a very senior aikido practitioner ) and a bridge through the generosity of Steve Seymour (head Aikido Kenkyukai Australia)

internal strength lineage
Aikido Yuishinkai lineage chart courtesy of Mike Haft