Welcome to our dojos collection of Aikibody resources. Aiki is the study of joining of our body with itself, the universe and our training partner. It is variously labelled as Ki, connectness, Internal Martial arts, Internal  Power/Strength or body work.  We are relative newcomers to some of these labels,  but have a lot of influences in our school  from our Ki Society roots to the Daito-ryu practices of Okajima Sensei, our founders nominated successor.

Our practice method for Aiki is described in a. Our framework together with how we came by it in b. Our lineage and a foundational practice through which we discovered many things (and arguably a way to get going) in c. Our Foundational practice

Class Structure
1. Building Aikibody
 Use core strength exercises to develop and understand our body in a co-ordinated way. There are 20 muscles coeencting the upper and lower body, awareness and control of them is essential.
2. Connecting AikiBody
Use the traditional and modern training methodologies  as a training method to supplement our own schools methods to develop our bodies so we are 'standing on the floating bridge of heaven'
3. Apply the Body
Using our Aikido Kata and biomechanics of toppling we look for the presence of internal strength ways of moving as a way to re-invigorate our kata and understanding of Aikido.

Principles of Aikibody
The below seem to be common to many training methodologies in this space
1. Understand that the ground is the source of infinite power (Ground reaction force)
2. Connect all of our body to the ground. 
   (Winding, Bows, fascia, pulling silk)
3. Understand that the tanden is the centre of all connections
4. Adsorb, redirect and release power
5. Develop sensitivity to our own and partners centre (Centre of mass)
6. Apply minim force (topple)

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How did we get started
Our school introduced many daito ryu practices that had us mystified. Exploring deeper using biomechanics led us further down the rabbit hole and eventually to the conclusion that the structure of the body was the key difference.

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